Empowering Small Businesses

to Succeed

Cocreator is an AI-powered platform that provides personalized

business guidance and support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Personalized recommendations and insights

Tailored to each business's unique needs and goals, based on financial data, industry benchmarks, and Enneagram-based personality assessments.

24/7 access to an AI business consultant:

Acting as a virtual mentor, Cocreator is always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer support.

Actionable insights and coaching

An all-in-one platform that helps you balance everything your team need to be happy and your finances in order.

AI Financial Monitoring

Cocreator will be an app that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive financial mentoring to small business owners. The financial AI mentoring encompasses various aspects to empower businesses in managing their finances effectively. Here's how Cocreator achieves this:

Communication & Dashboard adapted to personality style. So you will not feel overwhelmed about your finances
Get Cash flow calculation & daily interactions
Real Time Recommendations for your business
Sales forecasts to stay on top of your clients needs
Monthly Financial analysis so you can take charge of your business

Online Lending opportunities
Cocreator Success Index CSI see how good you are compare with other peers
Industry Benchmark. Compare with your industry partners to know how good you are
Accounting and Banking integration
Tax planning

AI Management Monitoring

Cocreator transforms the landscape for small business owners by introducing state-of-the-art AI mentoring that is not only comprehensive but also easily accessible. Our AI mentorship is intricately crafted to tackle the distinctive challenges encountered by small businesses, providing solutions across various crucial domains:Management & Leadership Mentoring:
Tailored Guidance
Receive personalized mentoring aligned with your unique business and leadership style.
Strategic Decision Support
Leverage AI for strategic thinking, planning, and organizational development.
Personality Test Integration
Gain insights into your leadership style for more targeted mentoring.
Visionary Planning
Assistance in setting and executing goals, fostering planning and vision development.
Decision-Making Support
AI aids in making informed decisions crucial for business success.
Team Collaboration Enhancement
Promote effective collaboration among team members for streamlined operations.
Sentiment Analysis Integration
Improve communication skills with the integration of sentiment analysis for better interactions.
Business Training
Access targeted training modules tailored to your Business needs.

Peer to peer at matchmaking connections

Cocreator not only fosters peer-to-peer connections but also ensures secure and transparent transactions through the integration of blockchain technology. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of trust and reliability to financial interactions within the platform. Additionally, Cocreator's AI acts as a match director, orchestrating connections between buyers and sellers for seamless and efficient peer-to-peer commerce experiences.

Counterparties (buyers): Find reliable customers aligned with your offerings.
Suppliers/vendors: Secure trusted partners for your supply chain needs.
Industry peers: Collaborate and learn from similar businesses.
Expert advisors: Access specialized guidance at accessible rates.
Utilizing blockchain technology ensures transparency in transactions.
Monthly Financial analysis so you can take charge of your business.

Incubated by AI Forge London

Cocreator Emerges as a Pioneer Incubatee of AI Forge Incubator, Revolutionizing AI Innovation in London and Miami

Selected for Prestigious Google Cloud for Startups Program

This highly competitive program offers early-stage companies access to Google Cloud's resources, expertise, and network to help them scale and achieve their full potential.

Powered by Nvidia Inception Program for Elite Startups

We've been officially accepted into the renowned NVIDIA Inception Program, joining a league of groundbreaking startups revolutionizing industries worldwide.

Proud members of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub helps startups radically accelerate innovation by providing $150K credits to access industry-leading AI and cloud services, 1:1 expert guidance and mentorship to build a future-proofed startup.

Founder & Ceo

Heradio Luces, MBA

A seasoned entrepreneur, Business consultant, and mentor, Heradio brings a wealth of experience to the table, having co-founded Dualis Consulting, a business specializing in growth strategies for SMEs.

Heradio's accolades include recognition as a top business consultant in Miami and receiving a green card for his exceptional entrepreneurial and business skills. His passion lies in helping small businesses thrive, and through Cocreator, he aims to democratize access to personalized, AI-powered business guidance.

Dualis has been awarded as one of the best business consultants in Miami for the last 7 years in a row by the Services curator Expertise from San Francisco California.

Cofounder and CTO

Ramya Jayaraman, MS in Artificial Intelligence

Armed with dual Master's degrees in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and over a decade of industry experience, Ramya brings a wealth of expertise to the table. She has successfully led and completed numerous full-scale AI projects. Ramya's expertise spans a wide range of AI domains, including Trustworthy Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Causal Inference, Neuro-Symbolic AI, Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, and Large Language Models.

Ramya's accomplishments include enhancing deep learning security, developing model-driven supply chain resilience, and achieving high accuracy in computer vision for robotic localization. Driven by a passion for spreading joy and happiness, Ramya's mission through Cocreator is to make cutting-edge AI solutions accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs. By empowering them with these powerful tools, she aims to fuel growth, innovation, and ultimately, success and happiness for all.